Reporting & Analytics

Getting your data out of Flipcause is simple

Offline Tracking

Other Reporting Features

unlimited custom fields

You can add as many custom fields to your account as you need. You can then add custom fields to any form or tool you use to process payments and collect data. The fields will automatically show up in your reporting as sortable columns. Whatever the use case, Flipcause ensures you get the data you need.

Report Export Profiles

Speed up report generation by setting up a custom export profile. Choose any fields you want exported, name it and save it. This report will be ready for you the next time you need to quickly pull the same report. This works great for common reports that integrate into other systems like email marketing or CRM.

Refunds, receipts & notes

Flipcause is much more than just static data. You can issue refunds, download and resend receipts, cancel event tickets and volunteer shifts, add notes to transactions, and much more. With this increased operational efficiency, you’ll be able to spend more time on what really matters.

Search and filter records

Search all of your records to find exactly who you are looking for. Filter reports based on date, campaigns, activity type, and more to compile a specific list of people to reach out to. Because all of your data is stored in the cloud, it’s accessible anytime on any device.

Track Offline Payments

Did you get a check in the mail or receive a payment in cash? You can record these offline payments in Flipcause, input as much data as you want, and even send a tax deductible receipt. Flipcause helps you centralize all your records for bookkeeping and marketing regardless of where you received them.

Heat Maps and Charts

Visualize your transactions with location heatmaps and activity charts. Visualization provides valuable insight of data so you can take the necessary action to increase engagement. Enjoy!

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