Events & Registrations

Easily sell tickets, register attendees & manage your events

Flexible Registration

List free events, collect information for each participant, require a waiver or do just about anything you can think of with our flexible registration tool. Combine it with other tools like donations or peer to peer to increase the impact of your event.

Advanced Assignments

Along with multi-tiered registration and pricing, add advanced assignments to ensure you don’t over sell a seating assignment or venue section. You can configure the system to automatically issue assignments or you can have the attendees choose on their own.

Social Sharing

Events are shareable across social media channels to ensure more people hear about your event. After someone registers to the event they are given even more opportunities to share the event with their networks. The more the merrier.

Receipt Emails and PDF confirmation

An email confirmation with customized information along with a PDF ticket are sent out as soon as a registration is complete. We also calculate the market value of the entire ticket order to give your registrants accurate tax deductible information.

Coupon codes and passwords

Protect early bird registration and other ticket tiers by allowing only those with passwords to access them. You can even give coupon codes to your supporters as a promotion. Make VIP attendees feel special with these robust features.

Manage your guest list

All event data is automatically sent to the built in event dashboard where you can easily print guest lists, download reports, cancel registrations, resend tickets and even add notes. Your event will run smooth with these event management features.

Fully customizable event pages, dynamic reports and guest lists


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